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In 2010, Jason established the Bucklos cycling club on campus and registered the Bucklos trademark in China.


Jason led five Bucklos cycling club teammates on an 1890-mile graduation ride from QuanZhou City to Qinghai Province in 2014. 






On July 11, 2015, Bucklos established the cycling professional team Bucklos.





On June 17, 2016, BUCKLOS established Quanzhou City Wuwohedao Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.  In the same year, the brand Bucklos began to enter the global B2C retail business.





On May 19, 2017, BUCKLOS invested in Fujian Province Quantu Trading Co., Ltd. and started to enter the global wholesale foreign trade business.

In the same year, team Bucklos participated in the "Youth Cup" cycling race held by Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and won the championship on the second race stage. In this process, Bucklos helped ten students realize their dream of owning a mountain bike in the impoverished mountains of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.





In this year, BUCKLOS decided to deeply cultivate its supply chain, and invested in Dongguan City XingRuiSheng Hardware Product Co., Ltd. This company focused on producing forks, bike forks, handlebars, cranks, and aluminum alloy bike ACCS. In the same year, Bucklos provided the brand trademark application to the USPTO, and the first warehouse was founded in New Jersey.





On March, 2019, BUCKLOS invested in Hangzhou City MingYang Vehicle Co., Ltd. and began to cultivate the wheel set and hub supply chain.

On September, BUCKLOS reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Dongguan City Tupai Sports Goods Co., Ltd. and began to R&D and produce carbon fiber bikes for ACCS together.

At the same time, BUCKLOS was rated as one of the top 50 sellers of cycling brands on eBay.





On July 11, 2020, BUCKLOS established its official website:

On August, BUCKLOS invested in Quanzhou City QiKu Apparel Co., Ltd. to do R&D and produce cycling shoes, clothes, and so on.

On November, a new cycling shoes won the highest design award in China—the NF design award.

On December, BUCKLOS won the "excellent brand of the year" award on SHOPEE (an e-commerce platform) in Southeast Asia.





In this year, BUCKLOS upgraded its strategy, established a US branch to establish Bucklos Sporting Goods Inc. in Washington, and added one more warehouse in California.