Bucklos Cycling Shoes

I have the Peloton altos shoes and they are a little too snug. I have to wear the thinnest sock I can find to even put them on. I got these as some of the reviews said they run a little wide. They are wider than my peloton shoes and I can wear thicker socks with them and still be comfortable. If you don’t have wide feet then these might be too big for you.

I did just order my regular size instead of ordering based on foot measurements. I might needed a smaller size if I followed their recommendation The back of the shoe is also wider and the back of my foot slips around a little. I didn’t think it was a problem until I tried clipping out as my feet want to come out of the shoes. I tightened the straps a little more and clipped out. I probably should have tighten the straps on the shoes to begin with.

Overall, the uppers on these shoes are not as stiff as my peloton shoes so they have some give. The toe box and heel is a little wider as well. The insoles in the peloton shoes are flat and thin. These shoes have cushier insoles and a little arch support (I did eventually put orthotic insoles in the peloton shoes for comfort). These shoes were comfortable while doing climbs on the peloton. I am pleased with the shoes and if you have a wide foot, you should give them a shot.
I took pictures of these shoes and the peloton altos to provide a side by side comparison

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