Relevant knowledge of the structure of each part of the front fork>">

Relevant knowledge of the structure of each part of the front fork>

By understanding the structure and function of each part of the front fork, we can have a deeper understanding of the front fork. In this article, we will describe in detail from the three aspects of travel, ABS adjustment and tortoise and rabbit adjustment.

Travel:The main function of the travel is shock absorption. When dealing with different terrains, the size of the travel can be adjusted to achieve a better riding effect.

In the following four situations, it is necessary to adjust the travel to the corresponding size:





When the preload of the stroke tube increases, the front fork will become softer, which is more suitable for XC. When the preload of the travel tube is less, the response speed of the front fork is faster, which is suitable for riding on flat ground.

When the size of the travel increases by 10mm, the angle of the head tube of the frame is tilted one degree more backward. The smaller the angle, the slower the rotation, but it will be more stable.

ABS Adjustment:ABS adjustment is used to adjust the softness and hardness of the damping, which is the anti-lock device of the bicycle. When adjusted to the left, the damping will gradually become harder until locked, and when adjusted to the right, the damping will gradually become softer.

Tortoise And Rabbit Adjustment:

1.Damping adjustment:Control the rebound speed of the front fork, steering control; the adjustment valve is generally located under the damping side fork cylinder; turning in will cause the rebound speed to slow down, and turning outward will make the rebound speed faster.

2.riding environment:In road conditions with large drop, use the direction of "turtle" to adjust, and in road conditions with small drop, use the direction of "rabbit" to adjust.

3.Precautions:When the rebound speed is too fast, the front fork may not be able to fully absorb the impact, and may even interfere with the driver's operation. When the rebound speed is too slow, the front fork may not be able to quickly absorb the impact of successive obstacles.

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