Bucklos Fork

Changed the spring to a more responsive lighter weight spring for smaller bump comfort. The stock spring works but it's not well suited for road bumps. It takes more harder hits on my bike to move the fork suspension making bumps hit hard. Suntour has a couple of spring weight choices for this fork's left shoulder spring. This shock takes a 120mm spring. Don't get the 100mm spring (an inch shorter than stock spring) on their website like I did following what the ad says about this being a 100mm travel. This shock is 120mm travel. The stock spring is about 27.8mm wide, 10.5inches long. Coil thickness about 4mm thick. Measured with a digital caliper tool. The caps must be used on any new spring. Or likewise caps. Bottom part of spring needs it's cap to mount to the bottom. And the top cap must be on top so the preloader dial can slot on the top and be functional. Caps positions are not interchangeable on the spring. Must be replaced how they were removed. Caps can be used on the Suntour. Probably any other brand spring may work so long as the dimensions of the stock spring aren't superseded. Also, the stanchions that lower into the shock housing are actually 32mm on the dial! Not 30mm. Measured with a calibrated digital caliper tool.

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