• Relevant knowledge of the structure of each part of the front fork>

    <font size="5px" color="black"><center>Relevant knowledge of the structure of each part of the front fork</font>>
    By understanding the structure and function of each part of the front fork, we can have a deeper understanding of the front fork. In this article, we will describe in detail from the three aspects of travel, ABS adjustment and tortoise and rabbit adjustment. Travel:The main function of the travel is shock absorption. When dealing with different terrains, the size of the travel can be adjusted to achieve a better riding effect. In the following four situations, it is necessary to adjust the travel to the corresponding size: 80mm-120mm(XC) 120mm-150mm(Trail) 140mm-170mm(AM) 170mm-200mm(DH) When the preload of the stroke tube...
  • Types and Characteristics of Mountain Suspension Forks

    <font size="5px" color="black"><center>Types and Characteristics of Mountain Suspension Forks</center></font>
    When it comes to mountain biking, having the right suspension fork can make all the difference in your riding experience. A good suspension fork will absorb shock, improve control, and provide a smoother ride. In this article we'll look at the different types of mountain bike suspension forks and their features to help you choose the right suspension fork for your mountain bike.  When riding under the action of gravity and resistance, the shock absorber fork is compressed to the extreme, and then rebounds and repeats this action continuously. During the ride Greatly reduce unnecessary bumps, provide...
  • Bucklos Handle Bar

    Bucklos Handle Bar
    Bucklos (WHO?) is almost the only company offering a 25.4 mm diameter bar. 25.4 used to be the industry standard until manufactures needed you to buy new bicycles and changed everything and tried to make you feel stupid for riding an older bike. (See 26” tires)So Bucklos (WHO??) offers two shapes in a number of lengths in aluminum and carbon so you don’t have to feel like an idiot for wanting to ride your favorite bike.
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